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Tracing the Tracks of the Yass Railway Museum

Monday, 14'th November, 1988.

So began the notice from the State Rail Authority sounding the death knell for Yass Town's tramway, as an active participant in this states commercial and passenger rail network, Yass Town had been neatly excised and left to it's own fate, but her plight did not go unnoticed.

It's early 1989 and the Australian Railway Historical (ACT Division) is lobbying the S.R.A to let it lease the former tramway and take over control of the Yass Town yard, but it will be 2 more years before an agreement is finalized betwen the S.R.A.and Yass Shire Council who in turn agree to lease most of the yard to the A.R.H.S. The formalities decided, society volunteers begin their task to renovate the Yass Town Station Building and surrounds, with emphasis placed on restoring the look and feel to her hey days between 1890-1920.

Their deadline is the 20'th April 1992, the Centenary of the Tramway's opening and work proceeds up until the very evening before the Official Opening day, but finish they do and on Easter Monday at 2pm, New South Wales Member of Parliament Alby Schultz officially opens the Yass Railway Museum.

Image of the restored Yass Railway station which now houses the Museum.

Fast Forward to the present and time, like the ocean, knows only one constant, and that is change. The Y.R.M is now back in the hands of the Yass Shire Council and a new band of enthusiasts formed from the ranks of local volunteers are applying their efforts to ensure that the museums buildings, exhibits and rolling stock continue to be a source of pleasure and education for many more years to come. The task is considerable and we gladly welcome any assistance one can provide, whether it be railway folklore, photographs, items or your own time and skills. The importance of the contributions made by our network of supporters is mirrored in the pride of our local residents for the tramway and rail yard that holds such a treasured place in our towns history.

If you would like to volunteer assistance please pop in to the Museum, open weekends and public holidays, 10am - 4pm.